Saturday, November 19, 2011

[Multi] Citroën DS

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(Photo taken in Great Britain by St33ly)

This Citroën DS has been abandoned in a barn of a farm in Great Britain, along with many other classic cars. If you want to see cars like a Triumph 1200, two Vanden Plas 1100 or a VW Beetle covered in moss, I recommend a visit to St33ly's Photostream on Flickr. For another photo of the DS shown above, click here.
Update 16.3.13: The cars in the picture above have obviously been vandalized, as you will notice in this picture.
The Citroën DS, famous for its elegant design and the innovative hydropneumatic suspension, is a popular classic nowadays. It has many fans around the world willing to pay high prices for a good example of the "goddess" (from the French pronounciation of the name: "Déesse"). These fans have to be strong now, as not all 1,5 million examples built by Citroën have always been loved by their owners and I have collected some of those that weren't.
As usual, you can click all photos for higher resolutions.

Friday, November 4, 2011

VW New Beetle RSi

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(Photo by Danny McL)

It's the second abandoned car from Dubai in a row here, but this one is so special I just had to show it.
This car actually is not an ordinary Volkswagen New Beetle, but one of only 250 RSi-models built in 2001.
Its massive spoiler on the boot lid does not promise too much, as the 3.2l-V6-engine with its 224 bhp is capable of accelerating the car to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6,4 seconds and makes it reach a topspeed of 225 km/h (140 mph).
I don't know the reason for a car even more rare than the Ferrari Enzo shown previously and still worth at least 30000€ is gathering dust in a parking lot in Dubai, but maybe there is hope that the owner is just enjoying a long holiday trip abroad.
[Update] According to the photographer, the car is still sitting in this spot half a year after he took the photo.

For comparison, here is a cleaner example of the New Beetle RSi:

(Photo by newbeetledriver)