Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chevrolet Vega

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The Chevrolet Vega Kammback is rare, just like every other variant of the Vega. This might sound surprising, considering almost two million examples of this model were sold between 1970 and 1977.
The reason for this is the horrible quality of the Vega. With rusting bodies and terribly engineered engines, Chevrolet's smallest model had a serious impact on the reputation of the brand. The example in the photo above was sold in 1975, when sales were already dropping, as the reliability issues became known.
Probably the only reason for the people to still buy the Vega was its price. To keep it low, GM developed a unique system of transporting the new cars. By storing them vertically, they could fit 30 instead of 15 vehicles on each rail car. To make this possible, cars were fitted with an option the customer couldn't choose. It was called "Vert-A-Pac" and included modifications to the oil pan, the battery and some other parts to keep fluids from leaking. (

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

[Special] Abandoned dealership - Boundary Garage

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(All photos by Mr. Gav!)
Somewhere, on a small country road near Ipswich, United Kingdom, one can find this gem of an abandoned dealership. At some point in the last four years, the owner of the small garage obviously had enough of it after more than 50 years (the business was founded in 1954), so all the cars for sale back then are now slowly rotting away.
Eight vehicles are permanently parked on these premises. There are some second hand cars which aren't exactly valuable or interesting, namely a Peugeot 405, a Volvo 850, a Mercedes-Benz 190D and one Ford Mondeo. The other half of the stack deserves more attention, though.
The Peugeot 305 Break from 1988 the workshop used as a service car is quite a rare sight nowadays and looks rather unique with the flashing light on the roof.

Another rare car here is this 1979 Reliant Scimitar. Reliant, a company people outside Britain only know for its three-wheelers, if at all, produced this model in three generations between 1965 and 1986 but only sold a few thousand examples of each generation.

Even rarer, the 1969 Daimler 250 V8 is a sought-after classic. Based on the Jaguar Mark 2, only 4885 examples of this facelifted version left the factory. With lots of rust and moss on its body, this one would need a lot of TLC to shine again.

The oldest car the dealership stores is this 1967 Land Rover Series II. Its license expired in 1992, so if any member of this models' huge fanbase should decide to restore it, they better be prepared for some downtime damage.

(Screenshot from Google Street View)
While all of the photos above were taken in 2013, Google drove past the garage in 2009, when it apparently was still active. Nevertheless, the Land Rover, the Reliant and the Mondeo were already standing in their respective spots back then. And while the Daimler has moved some metres in the last four years, it already had a visible layer of rot on it. The 305 is also present in 2009, but obviously still in use and therefore a lot less brown.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Toyota LiteAce

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(Photo by me)

Sometimes, abandoned cars look like they could actually still be usable for many years and thousands of kilometres. This Toyota standing in a parking lot in a small town in Greece is quite the opposite. Hardly displaying any undamaged parts, this LiteAce from the early 1980s wears the traces of having been used hard for about three decades.
As this is what those small commercial vans were built for, not many have survived until today. And as almost nobody is interested in collecting this kind of car, they are likely to become extinct soon.

(Photo by andrewcarspotter98)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chrysler Neon

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(Photo by Arete Trading Pte Ltd.)

Most abandoned cars are old and used until they didn't work anymore or suffered some kind of damage. The Chrysler Neons in the picture above are different. They are new. Well, not if you take time for measurement (they were produced in 1997), but definitely if you have a look at the odometer. None of them has moved under its own power since they left the factory.
Apparently, quite a lot of right hand drive Neons had simply been forgotten in a storehouse in Singapore (or they were bonded, but that sounds boring).

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trabant 601 Universal

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(Own photos)

This Trabant 601 Universal has been parked behind an abandoned discotheque in Germany for the last few years, maybe even decades. It's still wearing its original numberplates from the German Democratic Republic.
Before Germany was reunited in 1990, the Trabant was the most popular car in East Germany with more than three million cars having been built from 1957 on. The 'wagon' version of the Trabant only had three doors, none of which are left on the car pictured above.
There still are lots of examples in better condition, though, as you can see below.

(Picture by orangevolvobusdriver4u)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mercedes-Benz /8

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(Photo by thermionic)

Somewhere in Greece, this nice Mercedes-Benz W114/W115 (usually referred to as "/8") is standing unused at a roadside. Apart from some missing chrome and the too new W123-rims, this example looks almost collectible-like. Like many Mercedes of this size, it probably had a long and useful life since it left the factory between 1973 and 1976. As the /8 was very successful, there are still plenty of it left, making it a quite affordable classic today. So maybe someone decided this Mercedes was cheap enough to not drive it, but place it on the roadside as decoration.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ford Thunderbird

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(Photo by I am Ted7)

This 1967 Ford Thunderbird is standing on a scrapyard in the United States. Not a project for a weekend, but with a proper restoration, this example is probably still saveable.
The fifth generation of the Thunderbird was even bigger and more luxurious than the previous ones. With its big 8-cylinder-engine, it was not a slow car, though. Between 1967 and 1971, Ford sold more than 270.000 Thunderbirds. With six more generations to come, the Thunderbird was produced until 2005. At least the first six or seven generations are popular classics nowadays.
Therefore, more T-Birds look like the one below than like the one above today.

(Photo by Alex Nunez)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ferrari 512 TR

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(Photo by Lukas Hron Photography)

An abandoned Ferrari ... where could you find something like that? I'm sure everybody's first guess was Dubai, but this time, that's wrong. Although the plate points to the United Kingdom, this photo was actually taken in Czech Republic. With a flat tire and lots of dust on it, this example is waiting for its owner to return. Maybe he just forgot he still has a car worth at least 60.000€/80.000$ standing in a garage.
This would amaze, especially as this is not just any car. It is a 512 TR, of which only 7500 examples were built, already including the precedessor (Testarossa) and successor (F 512 M). All of these cars leaving the factory between 1991 and 1994 were equipped with a 428hp-V12-engine, making it capable of a topspeed of 314 km/h (196 mph). The speedometer of the car above probably hasn't displayed such a high number for quite a long time, though.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

[Multi] Opel GT

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(Photo by KatrencikPhotoArchives)

The Opel GT, of which 103.463 examples left the factory between 1968 and 1973, always was a doubtlessly desirable car. In its homecountry, Germany, it still is well known for the slogan "Nur Fliegen ist schöner" - "Only flying is better.". More than 50.000 cars were exported to the USA, though, where it was known as the "Baby-Corvette". As you can see in these pictures here, not all of them survived. Nevertheless, the Opel GT is a popular classic today, with good examples reaching prices of 25.000€/30.000$. So, even the examples above and below probably are still worth some money. Most of them would require much more money to restore them, though.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Subaru L1800

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(Picture by Atrocity_Exhibition)

This car has been left behind in an abandoned workshop at a college and obviously became the victim of vandals. Part of the damage may also be a result of the car being used for training purposes, though.
It is a 3rd-generation Subaru Leone wagon, also known as L1800, Loyale or Omega in parts of the world.
The wagon sold best of all variants of the Leone, but still not in really big numbers.
As this model also rusted quite quickly it is almost impossible to find a good example now, 18 years after production ended.
Here is one of the few still existing:

(Photo by Spottedlaurel)

Update 19.7.12: Had to replace the originally used picture with a smaller version due to some problems with Flickr. Clicking the picture will still bring you to the full-size photo.

Update 16.3.13: The scene has changed, and not to the better.
(Photo by donebythehandsofabrokenartist)