Thursday, March 22, 2012

Subaru L1800

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(Picture by Atrocity_Exhibition)

This car has been left behind in an abandoned workshop at a college and obviously became the victim of vandals. Part of the damage may also be a result of the car being used for training purposes, though.
It is a 3rd-generation Subaru Leone wagon, also known as L1800, Loyale or Omega in parts of the world.
The wagon sold best of all variants of the Leone, but still not in really big numbers.
As this model also rusted quite quickly it is almost impossible to find a good example now, 18 years after production ended.
Here is one of the few still existing:

(Photo by Spottedlaurel)

Update 19.7.12: Had to replace the originally used picture with a smaller version due to some problems with Flickr. Clicking the picture will still bring you to the full-size photo.

Update 16.3.13: The scene has changed, and not to the better.
(Photo by donebythehandsofabrokenartist)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lotus Excel

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(Photo by Alpus)

Just eleven years after it left the factory in 1985, this Lotus Excel has been left standing in someone's driveway in Great Britain.
As the body is made of plastic, it doesn't rust and therefore still looks quite fresh for having been parked outside for 16 years.
The Lotus Excel is a facelifted version of the Lotus Éclat; sold from 1982 on.
Like pretty much every Lotus, it is not a common car. However, as it is not considered a classic yet, even very good examples hardly reach five-digit €-prices.