Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toyota Celica

Like it? 

(Photos by www.urban-travel.org)
This Toyota Celica has a very special story to tell.
It is standing in a Toyota dealership in a military buffer zone on Cyprus that had to be abandoned in 1974.
Since then, this and some other cars with as little as 37 miles driven in their whole lives are standing there collecting dust.
A comparison picture is not necessary this time, I think, as the car is "new". Only the motorhood looks damaged and the mirrors have probably been stolen, as you can see from the holes in the fenders.
Here you can find more photos this photographer took when he had the opportunity to visit that great place. The town is still not accessible and guarded by soldiers.

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  1. Car is gorgeous. Curious as to why it wasn't claimed after the war? Strange that the town is still not accessible so many years after the war...