Sunday, April 29, 2012

[Multi] Opel GT

Like it? 

(Photo by KatrencikPhotoArchives)

The Opel GT, of which 103.463 examples left the factory between 1968 and 1973, always was a doubtlessly desirable car. In its homecountry, Germany, it still is well known for the slogan "Nur Fliegen ist schöner" - "Only flying is better.". More than 50.000 cars were exported to the USA, though, where it was known as the "Baby-Corvette". As you can see in these pictures here, not all of them survived. Nevertheless, the Opel GT is a popular classic today, with good examples reaching prices of 25.000€/30.000$. So, even the examples above and below probably are still worth some money. Most of them would require much more money to restore them, though.

(Photo by tikitonite)
As it is for sale, there is hope for this one to be saved.

(Photo by yavinbase)
There is not only hope for this one, it actually has already been saved. See the owner's photostream for more pictures of this example.

(Photo by Pintopower)
Seems to be the final resting place for this one.
(Photo by blugrigio)
Despite standing on a scrapyard, this GT from Italy looks pretty solid.

(Two photos by Tyler Linner)
The same can't be said about these two Opels standing on a junkyard in Wisconsin, USA.
(Photo by cgill)
Hidden by a hedge, this one probably is not easily savable anymore, too.

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