Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ford Thunderbird

Like it? 

(Photo by I am Ted7)

This 1967 Ford Thunderbird is standing on a scrapyard in the United States. Not a project for a weekend, but with a proper restoration, this example is probably still saveable.
The fifth generation of the Thunderbird was even bigger and more luxurious than the previous ones. With its big 8-cylinder-engine, it was not a slow car, though. Between 1967 and 1971, Ford sold more than 270.000 Thunderbirds. With six more generations to come, the Thunderbird was produced until 2005. At least the first six or seven generations are popular classics nowadays.
Therefore, more T-Birds look like the one below than like the one above today.

(Photo by Alex Nunez)

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  1. classics! makes the cars sound so ancient. Incidentally, I have come across cars which have taken this shape on the streets and even though their shape look out of touch with the present i still think they look great.

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