Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kia Sorento

Like it? 
A quite new car here as the second post today.
This Kia Sorento has been abandoned in Dubai. Seems quite normal to leave almost new cars somewhere on the roadside there.

(Picture by Danny McL Click it for higher resolution.)
The Sorento has been produced since 2002, but this specific car is a post-facelift-model, meaning it can't be older than four years. The first generation has been sold till 2009, so at least it is not newer than one year. It seems more or less undamaged, but very dirty. Maybe the window wasn't open before somebody used the car as a litter bin, so it could possibly be destroyed. At least it will also be dirty inside.
The Kia was aimed at the European market as a cheaper alternative to Mercedes ML or BMW X5. Till now, it has been playing this role quite successfully.
If treated in a normal way, the Sorento should look like that:

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