Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hyundai Lantra

Like it? 

(Photo by FiatTipoElite)
I don't know why this Hyundai Lantra has been abandoned, but as it is the 1994/95 model, it is comparably new for a car abandoned somewhere else than Dubai (Portugal in this case).
The Lantra was not an especially remarkable or good car, but it was cheap and therefore it was sold in satisfying numbers.
Nowadays, used Hyundai Lantras are so cheap that bigger repairs just don't make any sense, which probably is the reason for the car in the picture having been abandoned.
Even if it was in perfect shape like the car below, it would not be worth more than 2000€.

(Picture from


  1. That licence plate is spanish from the north, PO means Pontevedra!

    1. Thanks for the info. So the photo was probably also taken in Spain, don't know exactly how I came up with Portugal there.

  2. Is a plate of Spain, has said Duarte. Pontevedra is NW of Spain and is in Galicia region..