Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fiat Multipla

Like it? 

(Photo by leylandbus)
This car definitely has a special story to tell, although it is your guess, which.
First registered in January 2001, taxes for it were only paid till December of the same year. So after just one year on the road, the owner parked it in his garden, where it has been standing until today.
My guess would be it had some kind of incident involving water that destroyed the engine and wasn't covered by warranty. That would still lead to the question why it wasn't parted and scrapped.
Another possibility could be the death of the owner and disunity between the beneficiaries.

However, the Multipla became famous after its release in 1999 because of its looks, which were considered extremely ugly by most people.
In 2006, the exterior was redesigned to look normal.
If the example above wouldn't have been left to rot, it would probably still look like this one:

(Photo by Dmentd)

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  1. What an interesting twist to the car design we are used to. Although I must agree that the car is quite hideous, it is good that Fiat tried to think outside the box. As for the abandoned car, the owners will eventually deal with their problems and fix it.