Monday, September 26, 2011

Skoda 1000MB

Like it? 

(Pictures by Stokpic)

Although more than 400000 Skoda 1000MBs were built in the Eastern Bloc between 1964 and 1969, it is a very rare car now, partly because these cars already left the factory heavily rusting (for having that bad reputation, the abandoned car above looks remarkably good, though).
The rear engine concept also lead to massive cooling problems. The 1000MB even had an extra cooling water reservoir because blown head gaskets made many of them lose this fluid.
Due to the lack of better alternatives east of the Berlin Wall and because of it being considered exceptionally elegant, the 1000MB sold quite well nevertheless.
The car pictured above (which has been found in Berlin, Germany) is an example of the first series, which was produced till 1966 and is, in my opinion, a much more beautiful car than the later models, which got a rectangular grille and lost the lights on the C-pillars.
One of the rare, but still not expensive 1000MBs looking like new is shown below.

(Photo by xavnco2)

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