Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ferrari Enzo

Like it? 

(Source of all photos: TopGear)

While abandoned cars in Dubai are nothing uncommon, this one sure is. Unlike most other cars left to rot there, this is not standing on a street, but is gathering dust in a police impound lot. And although even the likes of relatively new Porsches get abandoned in Dubai sometimes, this car is much more valuable than the cars that normally are abandoned there.
Used Ferrari Enzos easily reach 1000000€, as only 399 examples were built between 2002 and 2004. Its 660bhp can accelerate the car to 355km/h (about 220mph).
I'll update this article with any news about the fate of this dream car.

Update 3.5.2012: According to this article, the Enzo is about to be auctioned by police after having stood there for 20 months. Added two new pictures above.

Update 26.5.2012: This article explains the Enzo actually is a piece of evidence in a criminal case and therefore won't be auctioned.

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