Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[Special] One year "Abandoned cars"

Like it? 
Today, this blog celebrates its first birthday.
I want to thank all the readers, who viewed this site almost 18000 times in total.

Now, let's look back at the five most popular posts of the past 365 days.

With far more views than all the other posts, the very first one takes the "victory".
This Ford Escort Mk2 abandoned in Great Britain opened the blog.
One year later, here is another example standing in the same country:

(Photo by iron_mighty07)

Unlike the Datsun 411 posted almost one year ago, the one below is far beyond restoration:

(Photo by edsel)

The third-most-clicked post is this Porsche Cayman
As it's probably impossible to find another abandoned Porsche Cayman, the next picture will have to represent the fourth place as well, which is taken by another Porsche, this time accompanied by a Rolls-Royce. Containing quite a lot of Porsches, I think it will do this job just fine (I highly recommend to click on the picture to view it in a higher resolution).

(Photo by reverendtheef)

The Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia on fifth place is one of the few stories told in this blog which have a happy ending.
In this photo, another VW is still waiting for being rescued:

(Photo by Rolfen)

So now, I am looking forward to another year of hopefully interesting pictures and stories. Let's see which posts will be in the Top 5 next year...

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