Saturday, February 4, 2012

[Multi] Subaru SVX

Like it? 

(Photos by V6CavRS (two), [jonrev] and MindThreat)

Presenting the SVX as the successor of the not quite successful XT in 1991, Subaru was planning on selling 10000 cars per year. In the end, they only sold 25000 till the end of production in 1997.
The Subaru SVX was only available with automatic transmission which not only put off buyers who wanted to use the 3.3-litre-boxer-engine with a stick, but was also known for failing quite often. Therefore, it probably also is the reason why many SVXs can be found on scrapyards today and it is even rarer than it was when it was new now.
There are some fans of this model though who care for their car and keep it looking like this one:

(Photo by Rutch)

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