Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trabant 601 Universal

Like it? 

(Own photos)

This Trabant 601 Universal has been parked behind an abandoned discotheque in Germany for the last few years, maybe even decades. It's still wearing its original numberplates from the German Democratic Republic.
Before Germany was reunited in 1990, the Trabant was the most popular car in East Germany with more than three million cars having been built from 1957 on. The 'wagon' version of the Trabant only had three doors, none of which are left on the car pictured above.
There still are lots of examples in better condition, though, as you can see below.

(Picture by orangevolvobusdriver4u)

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  1. Cool car. I liked its shape since I saw it ever in pictures online. Get that car out of bushes and place in a museum :)



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