Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chrysler Neon

Like it? 

(Photo by Arete Trading Pte Ltd.)

Most abandoned cars are old and used until they didn't work anymore or suffered some kind of damage. The Chrysler Neons in the picture above are different. They are new. Well, not if you take time for measurement (they were produced in 1997), but definitely if you have a look at the odometer. None of them has moved under its own power since they left the factory.
Apparently, quite a lot of right hand drive Neons had simply been forgotten in a storehouse in Singapore (or they were bonded, but that sounds boring).

In 2010, the cars were found and offered for $1350 each by "Arete Trading Pte Ltd.", a company normally selling construction equipment. They claimed to have 150 examples in stock.
By October, they had sold the bundle to another company from Singapore, "Puma Investments Ltd.". Seemingly, the new owners actually went through the effort of counting the cars and therefore offered 139 new Neons (8 of which had a manual transmission, the rest automatic) with air conditioning, calling them "ideal for 3rd world countries for taxis or rentals".


Nevertheless, a month later, an American company called "General Equipment Inc." tried to sell the now at least partly cleaned Chryslers. The number of cars once again mysteriously reached 150. The picture of the interior confirms what the list of equipment in the previous ad already suggested: Obviously, the radios were easier to sell than the cars.

(Photos by General Equipment Inc.)

However, the ownership then went back to Singapore, where "OZ Group/Office Zone Pte Ltd." offered "around 150 units". The cars seem to have left the warehouse by then, already showing faded paint and plastic parts.

(Photo by OZ Group/Office Zone Pte Ltd.)

Later in 2011, "Keng's", also from Singapore, offered 136 units, showing how the sorry-looking cars were stored at that time, while claiming to have them "kept in a warehouse". More surprising is the price asked by them, though. Each faded Neon was now supposed to be worth $4500!

(Photo by Keng's)

This was the last entry I could find about these "new" Chrysler Neons. Maybe they are still out there waiting for new owners, maybe they aren't ... we'll probably never know.


  1. Sad... Is a good and beaultiful car.

    1. Do u know that Singaporeans do not appreciate american cars?

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  3. chrysler cars are known to be great in every aspect, it is sad that they could just be abandoned in this manner without any regard for the materials and man power that might have gone into the manufacture. hope other car manufacturers are reading this.

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