Saturday, March 16, 2013

Toyota LiteAce

Like it? 

(Photo by me)

Sometimes, abandoned cars look like they could actually still be usable for many years and thousands of kilometres. This Toyota standing in a parking lot in a small town in Greece is quite the opposite. Hardly displaying any undamaged parts, this LiteAce from the early 1980s wears the traces of having been used hard for about three decades.
As this is what those small commercial vans were built for, not many have survived until today. And as almost nobody is interested in collecting this kind of car, they are likely to become extinct soon.

(Photo by andrewcarspotter98)


  1. That van could look very used but perhaps it is still possible to get some miles from it. Tow it to me and we can look at it. I always find vans to be practical and strong cars.

  2. Still this can be repaired and turned to a running car again.

  3. Nowadays we can't able to see this kind of cars on the road.this vehicles were used to carry large amount of goods. Kia Plantation. so this kind of vehicles maybe reconstructed and come all the way. thank u

  4. presently, people feels more featured cars are good option than modern ones. So this model may come again.Kendall Jeep. Thanks for sharing.